Valuable study results depend on a well-conceived but flexible research
which not only begins with an in-depth briefing but also with the
design of the best-suited methodology, which needs to be tailor-made for specific client objectives.

We draw our inspiration from our anthropological rationale coupled with a deep
in all classic interviewing methods such as projective techniques,
creativity methods, laddering, story-telling, etc. as well as in the different
observation approaches (participative, semi-participative, covered). For each
new project, we design the optimal framework for considering, matching and
mixing the diverse constellations:

group vs. individual settings
biotic vs. semi-biotic
online vs. real-life

In addition, we have created a variety of specific tools in line with our particular
school of thinking based on frequently occurring marketing and research
questions that we have experienced over the years.

We invite you to browse the folder which illustrates how typical marketing
can be addressed with our methodological designs.

Our tools