Optimize your marketing performance at the Point of sale!

At the POS, your consumers make their final purchase decisions which are often impulsive. This means that the POS is not only a great opportunity but also your last opportunity to win a consumer, to gain share from competition and to grow business success! We support you in optimizing your marketing performance at the POS!

why POS insight ?

To discover how people behave at POS
To identify consumers’ needs
To improve existing environments or create new solutions

- Which routes are taken?
- How easy or difficult is the in-store orientation?
- How long is the interaction with products?
- How do products come into the relevant set at the POS?
- Which role do POS materials such as displays, testers etc. play?

what is POS insight ?

Depending on the objectives and the complexity of the purchase process we apply three different methods:

Method 1
Step 1. Hidden observation in situ without interaction with the consumer
Step 2. Semi-structured interviews

Method 2
Accompanied shopping visit/observation and direct or ad-hoc interaction with the consumer (interview)

Method 3
Step 1. Consumer as co-researcher/ consumer observes himself during shopping process
Step 2. In-depth interview or focus group