The quality of a research project is fundamentally dependent on the quality of the
recruitment process. Defining, identifying and recruiting the right target is
crucial to the success of a project.
All our national and international projects are centrally coordinated, supervised
and controlled
by our multi-lingual recruitment department.

Regardless of whether the project is B-B or B-C, the challenge of finding the right
people remains the same. Whether searching for specific sub-targets,
consumers of exotic brands or simply mainstream household leaders or
recruiting a doctor or an IT specialist
, each target requires a different
know-how and recruitment strategy.

In detail, our methods of quality control and enforcement consist of:

Systematic, personal re-screening before fieldwork sessions and the cross-checking of respondents against an internal “blacklist”

Castings serving as pre-selection if very specific physical (e.g. hair or skin types) or attitudinal (e.g. leading-edge consumers) characteristics are required

Analysis of pre-research exercises (offline or online) to select the “best” matching respondents

Sending out special recruitment task forces to personally identify and contact specific targets in their typical milieus (e.g. drivers of specific motorbikes, young trend-setters belonging to youth sub-groups, high-net-worth individuals, opinion formers, etc.)

Recruitment principles