Genuine understanding of the reality of others, necessary to achieve
deep and rich insights, requires uncompromising, personal and truly empathic involvement in their world.
Up-close and personal is our credo, the motor that drives us to challenge
our way of conducting market research, of designing customized research
methodologies in order to provide our clients with an encompassing cognitive
understanding of their consumer on both national and international levels.
This vision calls up the essence of cultural anthropological research: the
conviction that a deep understanding of human behavior can only be attained
from the inside.
“From the inside” in the sense of perceiving others through their eyes, within their
proper context, their unique culture and specific consumption environment,
and to personally experience and hence grasp their reality in all its multi-faceted
richness. Only a holistic view of the consumer can reveal the full and true story.
This model has served us over the past eighteen years as an extremely
valuable mental guideline when developing successful research.
At another level, we also consider ‘up-close and personal’ as our leitmotif in
our relationship with our clients. As strategic consultants we go beyond
the role of researcher to that of a trustworthy and competent “sparring” partner.
Up-close and personal with our targets and with you is our credo, our final goal
is your marketing success.

Our Mission